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The Genesis of Rescue The Fosters

Rescue The Fosters was founded because Danielle's son was kidnapped through DSS/ CPS with the help of law enforcement, judges and attorneys. She had no due process and was never arrested, charged or convicted of any abuse or neglect of a child. She was not a drug addict nor did she have any mental illnesses. She committed no crime but was treated like a criminal!

Danielle's son was born on October 10th, 2016 at Regional Medical Center in Anniston Alabama. CPS removed him from the hospital on October 11th, 2016 at 33 hours old. In 2017 Danielle's parental rights were terminated without her knowledge and her son was adopted out and she has not seen him in over 6 years!

Please contact if you have any information on the kidnapping and selling of her son!

Rescue The Fosters was also founded because of KK's story! KK was found roaming the streets of India when she was a toddler. We do not know her correct age. She was adopted to an American family and ended up in foster care at the age of 15 years-old. She aged out of the system at age 21 years-old with no place to go! KK named the organization Rescue The Fosters! She wants to advocate for other youth in foster care and when they age out!

Rescue The Fosters is searching for any information concerning KK's story! Why was she roaming the streets of India alone? Does she have any siblings? Is someone looking for their child?

Danielle's Story...

KK's Story...

What we're grateful for!

We reunited our first family!

Sylvia Beachy:

"On December 8th, 2022 I sat in my car contemplating if I should walk over to the homeless guy standing at the stop sign waving. I had seen him a few times before while DoorDashing. I noticed his thin clothes in the cold weather and thought this could be a former foster youth. Years of working in the system taught me that most foster youth end up on the streets, once they age out of the system.

I grabbed a few dollars out of my purse and walked up to the youth and asked. What’s your story? Immediately, he tells me of how he had been on the streets since he was 17.5 years- old. He said it was due to finding his biological father, and his foster parent was not happy with him being found.

I inquired if he needed any help staying off the streets and explained our organization. He said he needed an ID. “If I had ID, I could get a job.” I also learned from working in the foster system that youth aging out of the system do not receive their documents to secure an ID. I informed him that I would be happy to help him with securing his ID.

At this point, I introduced myself as Sylvia and began providing my number. I noticed as I said my name his face lit up and he said: "No way, that’s my biological mother's name. I’ve been looking for her. Her name is Sylvia Paige Strickland." He said it with such conviction as if he was making me remember her name.

By God’s grace, the next day Terri with had located Sylvia Paige Strickland now remarried with a different name. I was nervous talking to her the first time. Was this really her son, we wondered!? We began going down the list of our conversation and everything checked out. She wondered how her son had ended up on the streets.

She began reminiscing about being a single mother and having to make difficult decisions. She began crying stating she had not seen her son since he was six years old and had not held him since he was four years old. I could hear the pain in her voice!

On Saturday, December 10th, I made my way back through the area where I had located the young man. He was nowhere to be found. I decided to share my location with her. I continued my day and a few hours later, Sylvia called with the good news that her Husband James had found her son Blake! She cried and stated, “he’s coming home!” I was so excited to hear those words! Our first family reunited!

Terri with Let Our Children Go:

“Hearing of Blake reuniting with his mom lets us know that what we do is worthwhile. Restoring the family after it’s been torn apart by the inhumane CPS system is a big part of why we do what we do.

The healing of the relationship between this mom and her son can now finally begin. May their journey forward be filled with many days of hope and love.

Let Our Children Go looks forward to continuing to work with Rescue The Fosters to bring more children HOME.”

A mother, a case worker, and a former foster youth come together to advocate for foster children!

As a case manager, Sylvia Beachy was frustrated with trying to meet the needs of the children and not having the support or resources that should be in place for foster children. Sylvia discovered the foster system had removed nurture and stability from a child’s environment. The focus was more on the paperwork and number of children in care than on the needs of the child. Sylvia also had quotas to bring in and maintain children in care. This is due to the Title IV-E funding which is on a quota system. The system incentivizes the separation of families!

Over 450,000 children are in America’s Foster Care System, with ¼ of them ending up in the Criminal Justice System within 2 years of leaving care. This is due to youth aging out of the foster system and having no place to go so they end up on the streets. Every child/youth needs and deserves to be nurtured, loved, and have stability. They cannot grow to be successful and functioning adults without it. The ‘term from foster care to prison’ needs to be taken seriously. We MUST help adopted/foster children overcome the obstacles of separation from loved ones and living on the streets!

Danielle Holm is a mother whose son was forcefully and unjustifiably removed from her care at one day old. She recognized the fabric of America was being torn apart by destroying it from the inside out. Our families are under attack! After seeking help via every avenue possible and finding it nowhere, she began to reach out to many other families that shared similar stories of grief, trauma, betrayal and violence with the separation of their children. For 7 years Danielle has been a voice for all of the orphans who should never have been forced to become orphaned, as well as the grieving parents looking for justice for their families who have been torn apart by an unforgiving system.

Kajal Emmett is an adoptee from India who was placed in foster care. As an adopted foster youth, Kajal longed for nurture and stability. Thankfully, she has a rare success story that ensured she did not become a statistic.

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