Our Mission

  • To give a voice to children and youth in Foster Care.

  • Striving to keep families together.

  • Empowering youth to live successful lives, free of the government, once they age out of the system.

Rescue The Fosters provides ‘a voice’ to children and youth in foster care. Too often, we hear from foster youth that " their voice is not heard." We want to ensure they understand their rights within the system. They have the right to a stable environment. It is our responsibility to ensure they receive it.

Therefore, we offer advocacy to children and youth in the foster system to have a healthy and stable environment.

We believe that by offering services to low-income families, we will give them a better chance to remain together, which will provide the child a better chance of obtaining a successful adult life.

We will also provide advocacy to parents navigating the Family Court/Juvenile system often known as the Department of Children and Family Services.

Our Team

Sylvia Beachy CEO

Sylvia has a bachelor’s in social work from the University of Georgia.

Sylvia has 5 years of experience working in the foster system and has held many positions which include staff member in a girls-only group home, Case Manager, Transporter, Behavior Aide, Parent Aide, and Coach.

Sylvia is a loyal Christian committed to being a voice for the voiceless and restoring families.

Danielle Holm President

Danielle is a faithful Christian with her eyes on the Lord. She is a mother of one child who she has been working on rescuing for over 7 years from judicial abuse and corruption.

Danielle has a Bachelor's in Psychology from Merrimack College, Andover Massachusetts and several years of experience in behavioral health, trauma, de-escalation, and troubled youth. She worked with mostly foster youth in an inpatient psychiatric facility which is now closed.

Danielle is now an advocate for families who have been affected by the foster care system and CPS, as her son was kidnapped from her at birth on false accusations that were later found to be unsubstantiated. Through her experience in navigating the system, she continues to be a voice for the many affected. Danielle aims to make the changes necessary that prevent family separation without warranted justifications.

Gino Haddad Administrator

Gino is a devout Christian living for the Lord. He has been married to his wife for twenty-five years and they have four children.

Gino is passionate about seeing the corrupt foster care, adoption and child protective services dismantled and replaced. Gino believes the American family has been under attack for far too long. Government interference and judicial abuse are commonplace. There is no oversight of these agencies and families have little to no recourse against these blatant abuses.

Gino is proud to be a part of the team at Rescue The Fosters that is committed to restoring families.

Kajal Emmette (KK) Advocate

Kajal Emmett is a devoted Christian and a former foster youth. Kajal is an adoptee who was placed in the foster system at the age of 15 years- old and remained in care until she aged out of the system at the age of 21 years -old.

KK is studying social justice at Georgia Gwinnett College.

KK learned at an early age to advocate for herself. She wants to advocate for other children and youth in the Foster Care system and ensure their voice is heard.